About Us

about us

      Our company was founded on the idea that short term rentals bring the it is time to end the strangle hold that big business and the local government have on the tourism economy in New Orleans. This city is known universally for several things, but mainly for its vibrant tourism industry.

      As locals with extensive experience in the New Orleans hospitality industry, we have seen first-hand both sides of tourism’s role in the city. Every year millions of tourists come to New Orleans and have the time of their lives. These individuals take home with them the perception that this is one of the greatest places on Earth – and we are not here to disagree. However, we are very much aware of the gentrification and economic devastation ravaging local residents. In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, the local government took action to restore the local economy to its pre-Katrina level and beyond.

      While this has been successful, local government has failed to address the issues its citizens face every day: substandard public education, a shortage of well-paying jobs or a path to the few that do exist here, potholes, crime, affordable housing, and so much more.

      Our mission is to help capture the tourism dollars that will inevitably flow through this city and work hand-in-hand with New Orleans homeowners to keep these dollars in their pockets. Short term rentals are a vital source of income for many residents and our services help ensure this source of income is maximized.

      Currently, we manage over 1,000 bookings and $500,000 in revenue each year for our clients. We have personally seen how owner-occupants of doubles throughout the city have completely transformed their financial situations through leveraging the short term rental market in the New Orleans – now, it’s your turn.

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