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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you operate in my area?
We currently only operate in New Orleans, but not all areas in the city are profitable for Short Term Rentals. Reach out today to find out if your space is a good fit!
Can you help me find a property where I can get a short term rental permit?
Yes! We are the only management company in town offering consultation services that can give you definitive answers on where and how you are allowed to obtain short term rental permits. We offer a package that will allow us to scrutinize the zoning and applicable laws for several properties in your hunt for your next short term rental property.
Send us a message to obtain more information!
How do I get started?

That depends on where you are in the process! 

  • If you do not have a property yet, we can connect you to our preferred realtor, Dr. Kayla Keys, where the three of us can discuss the best options for your situation!
  • If you have a space but have not started renting it yet we will set up an appointment with our interior designer so we can get you space furnished in a way that will attract the most guests and get the space professionally photographed once that’s complete.
  • If you’re already listed but want to increase your income, we will set up an appointment to look at your listing and your space and offer concrete options to increase your revenue.

In any case, drop us a line and we will get to work for you!

What will it take to get my property ready?
For starters, you will need a Short Term Rental permit (either commercial or residential). If you plan to utilize our property management services your listing will utilize our Short Term Rental Operator Permit, but if not you will need your own. Next, to maximize your earnings, you will want to ensure the space is presented as well as possible to potential guests – this can be accomplished via our interior designer, professional photography, and listing creation services. Of course each property is unique due to its location, amenities, and other factors but we require all of our units to have certain amenities to ensure they are competitive in the local market. Drop us a line today to get started!
Can I still use my property if you’re managing it?
Absolutely! We provide an owner’s portal for our clients which allows you to block days on the calendar as needed.
Do you use any other OTA’s besides Airbnb?
Yes – we distribute your listing to VRBO, Expedia, TripAdvisor, Home2Go, and almost 100 other platforms. Our powerful Channel Manager and Property Management Software ensures consistency across platforms without the worry of double bookings.
How do you screen guests and protect against property damage?

In addition to requiring all of our units to have ring cameras so we can monitor for over occupancy and/or parties, we screen each guest’s profile and ask a series of questions to verify details and ensure good intentions if any red flags are noticed. For reservations outside of Airbnb, we collect and hold deposits and our payment processor also alerts us of potentially suspicious transactions. We also make sure to remind all of our guests about local regulations regarding occupancy limits and parties.

Of course, there is not a guaranteed way to avoid troublesome guests and, on rare occasions, damage does occur. While we always strongly recommend each of our clients have homeowner’s insurance that covers short term rentals, in the event our team finds damaged or missing property we immediately create a written and photo record of the incident. For Airbnb guests, we’ll document the incident and submit a resolution center claim where we have a 100% success rate for obtaining full reimbursement for damages. For all other guests we will utilize their deposit to cover the costs.

Who is NOLA Short Term Rentals for?
Our services are intended for anyone seeking to legally operate a short term rental in New Orleans. Whether you are an owner-occupant of a multi-family home or the owner of a commercial property, we will help make sure you obtain the necessary permits for your property and optimize your listing to ensure you are getting the highest return on your investment possible.
What services do you offer?

We offer a Full Management Service only and this service has been designed to provide everything that you and your guests could ever need! This includes the following services but please refer to the Our Services page and other answers in these FAQs for further details.

  • Listing Creation including Professional Photography
  • Listing Management
  • Pricing Optimization
  • Guest Screening and Communications
  • Maintenance and Repairs
  • Check Out and Inspection
  • Professional Cleaning and Linen
  • Restock and Shopping
  • And much more!
Are you licensed?
Yes! We have a Short Term Rental Operator Permit which allows us to manage short term rentals in New Orleans.
What is not covered by your management fee?
Most one-time costs such as interior design, professional photography, and maintenance/repairs are not covered by our management fee, however, we partner with the best in the business to ensure quality work at very competitive pricing. Additionally, cleaning is not covered by the management fee, but guests pay a cleaning fee which covers the costs of cleaning, restocking consumables, and professional laundry service.