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Our Services

Our short term rental management services leave nothing to be desired. We cater not only to the needs of each group of guests, but to homeowners as individuals and their homes as unique.

If our hosting style and business model could be summed up in one word, it would be communication – not only are guests delivered unparalleled hospitality with all the information they could need for their stay, but our homeowners are always informed on pertinent information regarding their short term rental unit.

We always make clear to our short term rental owners that they can be involved as much or as little as they desire, but we will ensure that each of our clients is afforded the opportunity for their short term rental to run effortlessly via our services.

Vacation Rental Property Management Services Include:

Maximizing your Rental Income Potential

The most effective way to realize the peak earning potential of a short term rental is to both increase marketing exposure while adjusting for local and seasonal demand. Our revenue management team will generate thousands of dollars more in income when compared to a traditional pricing strategy while encouraging repeat guests via our guest-facing brand, Book NOLA

Enjoy the Peace of Mind Knowing Your Property is in Expert Hands

The best property managers find and repair the little problems before they become big ones, which is why we meticulously train our team to focus on the details. From a leaky faucet to a wobbly front step, we’ll get it fixed and have your property professionally cleaned before your guests arrive.

Unlimited Owner Use

It’s your property, so why be limited to how much YOU can use it! Enjoy your vacation home as much as you’d like. Unlike our competitors that limit when homeowners can stay in their own homes, we give you unlimited access with no black-out dates.

Unforgettable Guest Experiences

With decades of combined hospitality experience, our team will keep our guests happy and returning often. From custom special occasion packages to discounted group tour packages and New Orleans gift boxes, each of our guests will have access to unique offerings in New Orleans. We even have two hours of free luggage storage available for our guests, along with options to hire an additional cleaner to obtain an early check-in or late checkout. From the moment they book until they arrive back home, each of your guests will be provided an exceptionally New Orleans experience.

Profit More with Intelligent Pricing

Maximize your short term rental income and occupancy utilizing our expert pricing strategies. Using literally millions of real-time data points including demand, time of year, industry trends, events & holidays, and so much more, we ensure you are selling to the right guests at the right time for top dollar.

Powerful Marketing

Don’t settle for ONLY listing on Airbnb! Enjoy more bookings from the exposure you’ll have with your property showcased across dozens of short term rental booking platforms without ever having to worry about the dreaded double booking. We use only the best photographer and tailor your listing, so your short term rental attracts your ideal guests.

Convenient Online Booking

In addition to your listings being on dozens of short term rental booking platforms, guests will have 24/7 access to book directly from our booking site. Our guest services team is always available to assist with any questions potential guests may have.

Trusted Local Support 24/7

With our local team, guests will never have to worry about not getting a response in the middle of the night, and your property will never be left waiting to have maintenance issues resolved. No one understands the unique needs of our market like we do, and we are here to take care of what your guests and property need when they need it most.

Dedicated Housekeeping Professionals

Our cleaning team is not only paid a living wage (4-5 times what major hotel chains pay!) but they work exclusively for us at the properties we manage. This allows them to only need to focus on the thorough cleaning and inspections checklists that we have crafted to ensure cleanliness is never an issue. We also do twice a year deep cleans to keep your short term rental in tip-top shape!

Our Laundry Facility and Linens/Towels

We own all the linens and towels used at the short term rentals we manage. We provide hotel-quality linens and towels that you never have to replace or make a claim for if guests damage them. We have our own laundry facility with commercial machines and highly trained attendants to ensure the linens and towels we use are always in perfect condition.

Inventory that is Always Stocked

Relish in the fact that you will never have to worry about restocking all the consumables in your short term rental. From coffee, creamer, and sugar to body wash, shampoo, and conditioner as well as toilet paper and paper towels and everything in between, we not only keep these items stocked, but we also cover the cost of them!

Impactful Interior Design Services

Elevate your short term rental to its full potential with our design consultant. Whether your rental needs to be fully furnished or spruced up to maximize its potential, we’ll make it happen. Each vacation rental is unique, and we treat them as such, providing a custom interior design solution to create a comfortable and memorable space.

Real Estate Professionals

Whether you are looking to purchase your first short term rental or want to expand your current portfolio, work with our very own Dr. Kayla Keys to find your newest short term rental gold mine!

What Our Clients Say

David Shoemaker
It’s hard to imagine a better management company than BookNOLA. They take all the worry out of my hands as a homeowner, dealing with all of the issues raised by guests, both pre- and post-stay. Their cleaning crew is outstanding, they respond to any problems in a timely manner, and they treat all guests (and me!) with the utmost respect. They also care about their brand, and so they aim to go above and beyond in every respect. I couldn’t be happier to be working with them.
Rosalind Thibodeaux
I have worked with this company for several years and though I only own one Airbnb, i have referred them to many others and will continue to refer.