Our Services

Our services

Our short term rental management services leave nothing to be desired. We cater not only to the needs of each group of guests, but to homeowners as individuals and their homes as unique. If our hosting style and business model could be summed up in one word, it would be communication – not only are guests delivered unparalleled hospitality with all the information they could need for their stay, but our homeowners are always informed on pertinent information regarding their short term rental unit. We always make clear to our short term rental owners that they can be involved as much or as little as they desire, but we will ensure that each of our clients is afforded the opportunity for their short term rental to run effortlessly via our services.

Our services include:

Advanced Pricing Systems: We utilize a top of the line pricing system that constantly makes adjustments to optimize pricing based upon real-time market research, factoring in holidays, the competition, and a host of factors used to determine how best to price your short term rental property.

Quarterly Performance Reports: We offer our owners the options of receiving quarterly performance reports, so that they may understand how their property is performing in comparison to the market and other rental units.

Expert Interior Designer: We work closely with a phenomenal interior designer, who can do wonders with your property, and work to keep costs down no matter your budget. 

Realtor Services: We work intimately with realtor Kayla Keys, for owners who are not necessarily looking to go into short term renting, but who may instead be looking for a long term tenant or to sell the house entirely.

Off Site Laundry Facility: We own and provide all of the linens and consumables distributed to properties to ensure that owners are not eating the cost of damaged linens. Additionally, all of our linens are laundered offsite at our laundry facility for maximum sterilization and cleanliness.

Professional Cleaning Services: Our cleaners are trained by hospitality professionals who have worked in hotel settings to ensure the highest quality of cleanliness and consistency after each and every checkout. Additionally, our cleaners are updated monthly on new cleaning procedures and the current CDC cleaning standards.

30 Day “Out” Contract: For any owner who has deemed that our services are not up to their standards, or who have decided to go in another direction with their rental, they need only give us 30 days notice.

Airport Transportation: Our transportation partners are similarly trained in hospitality and professionalism to provide easy round trip transportation to and from the airport – gone are the days of reviews including comments such as “my Uber driver told me it wasn’t a safe neighborhood to walk around.”

Guest Concierge Service: Our concierge specialist has a decade of hospitality experience in New Orleans alone and is able to help guest book tours directly with vendors, helping them navigate the countless options and avoid scams and inflated pricing.

Maintenance Services: We are partnered with a local handyman who is able to offer our clients very competitive pricing for any home repair and maintenance needs while providing quality workmanship.